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NEWS The lobby monitor | 24/07/2014 13:06 PM EDT
Q&A: GRIC membership getting younger, more professional says new president Albinati
On Queen Street: Flesihman-Hillard hires consultant in Toronto
Day at the Registry: Another medical marijuana company registers on regs
Industries lobbying on temporary foreign workers before and after program overhaul in June
Day at the Registry: Comcast Corp. registers on temporary foreign workers
Foreign lobbying transparency bill another attack on environmental groups: critics
TPP lobbying activity, anti-free trade advocates, pick up the pace
Day at the Registry: Health lobbying on budget well under way
On Queen Street: Tim Page starts new executive job in GR next month
Day at the Registry: Digital Policy Forum registers on privacy bills
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Shipbuilding: An omen for consultants
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  • Jul. 24, 2014 12:00 am.
      GRIC MEMBERSHIP GETTING YOUNGER: Andre Albinati, the new president of the Government Relations...
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      ON QUEEN STREET: Fleishman Hillard filled its position for a public affairs consultant...
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      STRONG EVANGELICAL PRESENCE ON PROSTITUTION AT COMMITTEE: The House justice committee, which has...
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      NEW REGISTRATIONS: Comcast Corp. registered July 3 to lobby on the Temporary Foreign Worker...
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      LOBBYING ON THE BUDGET, ALL SUMMER LONG: The Alzheimer Society of Canada...