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Who hired who: Updates to the lobbyist registry

Published: Friday, 08/22/2014 4:27 pm EDT

New registrations
A list of organizations and corporations that registered to lobby
Posted Aug. 15 to 22, 2014


Client Post Date Type Lobbyist /
Chartright Air Group 2014-08-22 Consultant NEIL BASS, Dentons Canada LLP
Progressive Contractors Association of Canada 2014-08-22 Consultant Danya Vered, StrategyCorp Inc
Credit Union Central of Canada 2014-08-22 Consultant Don Wright
Credit Union Central of Canada 2014-08-22 Consultant Russ Fast
Credit Union Central of Canada 2014-08-22 Consultant KEITH NIXON
Les Serres Royales Inc. 2014-08-22 Consultant Lyne Choquette, Subsidies Plus Inc. / Subventions Plus Inc.
ENCANA CORPORATION 2014-08-22 Consultant Katherine Preiss, Global Public Affairs Inc
Merit Canada 2014-08-21 Consultant Scott Munnoch, Temple Scott Associates Inc.
LoyaltyOne 2014-08-21 Consultant Marc Desmarais, Sussex Strategy Group Inc.
Municipalité des Iles de la Madeleine. 2014-08-20 Consultant RONALD BILODEAU, Ronald Bilodeau Consultant Inc.
Hewlett Packard (Canada) Limited 2014-08-19 Consultant PHILIPPE GERVAIS, PHILIPPE GERVAIS (SELF-EMPLOYED)
CONOCO PHILLIPS CANADA 2014-08-19 Consultant Katherine Preiss, Global Public Affairs Inc
Credit Union Central of Canada 2014-08-19 Consultant John Teolis, Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP
Medicago 2014-08-18 Consultant Mathieu Gaudreault, TACT Intelligence conseil
Cargill Limited 2014-08-15 Consultant JACK HUGHES, Hill+Knowlton Strategies Canada
Borealis Infrastructure Management Inc. 2014-08-15 Consultant DON MCCUTCHAN, GOWLING LAFLEUR HENDERSON LLP


A list of organizations and corporations that reactivated registrations
Aug. 18 to 22, 2014


Client Post Date Type Lobbyist /
CVeT Power Corp. 2014-08-22 Consultant Michael Kedar
Google Canada 2014-08-22 Consultant Meaghan Rusnell, Playbook communications
Canadian Supply Chain Food Safety Coalition / Coalition canadienne de la filière alimentaire pour la salubrité des aliments 2014-08-22 Consultant ALBERT CHAMBERS, Monachus Consulting
The Nature Conservancy of Canada / La Société canadienne pour la conservation de la nature 2014-08-20 In-house Organization JOHN LOUNDS, PRESIDENT
Canadian Library Association / Association Canadienne des Bibliothèques 2014-08-19 Consultant Kalene Debaeremaeker, Impact Public Affairs / Impact Affaires Publiques
Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance / Alliance Canadienne du Commerce Agroalimentaire 2014-08-18 In-house Organization Claire Citeau, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR



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